Our service

No matter what your concern is – use our 24/7 online service.
Our competent and reliable service team will be happy to take care of it.

Individual support

With us, you always have a personal contact person, so you never have to wait in a hotline and every request can be handled immediately.

Billing service

You can conveniently submit your bills to us and we will optimize your premium reimbursement for you.

All around service

We take care of everything for you:
Cancellations, communication with insurers, address changes and requesting documents.

automatic tariff optimizations

Since there are always new insurance rates over time, we will convert you (upon request) to new, better rates free of charge.

Insurance check

We review your existing insurance policies and compare over 6000 different rates from over 100 insurance companies for you, so we can always find the best deal for you.

anonymous pre-tests

All insurance companies have different acceptance guidelines regarding the health condition and any resulting additional costs. To find the best offer on the market for you, we conduct free anonymous preliminary inquiries to find the best offer for you.